Utrecht University

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  • UHC, the Utrecht Haskell compiler. Related tools:
    • Text2Text, a tool for bridging between text markup formats.
  • Ruler, a tool for specifying type rules.
  • Shuffle, a tool for manipulation of source fragments (chunks).
  • SSM, a simple stack machine emulator with UI, stepping and undoing.

Papers, talks and other events

  • The Utrecht Agda Compiler
  • Incremental Evaluation of Higher Order Attributes
  • Extending Cabal with Plugins, Preprocessors and Multi-target Compilers (talk, supervisor) ( download slides here)
  • Linear Ordered Attribute Grammars, with fake dependency selection(talk, supervisor)
    • Thomas van Binsbergen, Jeroen Bransen and Atze Dijkstra. TFP 2014
  • Lazy Stateless Incremental Evaluation Machinery for Attribute Grammars
  • Parse Your Options
    • Swierstra, S.D. & Dijkstra, A. (2013). Utrecht: Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University.
  • Een Lawine van Ontwortelde Bomen. Liber Amicorum for S. Doaitse Swierstra, in celebration of his retirement
    • Hage, J. & Dijkstra, A. (Eds.). (2013). Utrecht, Netherlands: Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University.
  • Building !JavaScript Applications with Haskell ( download here)
    • Dijkstra, A., Stutterheim, J., Vermeulen, A. & Swierstra, S.D. (2012). In IFL 2012
  • Grammar Fragments Fly First-Class ( download here)
    • Viera, M., Swierstra, S.D. & Dijkstra, A. (2012). In proc of the 12th Workshop on Language Descriptions Tools and Applications (pp. 47-60).
  • A generic deriving mechanism for Haskell ( download here)
  • The Architecture of the Utrecht Haskell Compiler ( download here)
  • Efficient Functional Unification and Substitution ( download here)
    • Atze Dijkstra, Arie Middelkoop and Doaitse Swierstra, 2008.
  • The Structure of the Essential Haskell Compiler, or Coping with Compiler Complexity ( download here)
    • Atze Dijkstra, Jeroen Fokker and Doaitse Swierstra, IFL 2007.
  • Modelling Scoped Instances with Constraint Handling Rules ( download here)
    • Atze Dijkstra, Gerrit van den Geest, Bastiaan Heeren and Doaitse Swierstra, 2007.
  • Exploiting Type Annotations ( download here)
    • Atze Dijkstra and Doaitse Swierstra, 2007.
  • Ruler: Programming Type Rules ( download here, ST colloquium talk (20051006))
    • Atze Dijkstra and Doaitse Swierstra, FLOPS 2006.
  • Stepping through Haskell
    • Defense of my thesis, on 14 nov 2005, 14:30. The thesis describes EHC
  • Making Implicit Parameters Explicit ( technical report, pdf)
    • Atze Dijkstra and Doaitse Swierstra, 2006.
  • Explicit Implicit Parameters slides)
  • Essential Haskell Compiler overview slides)
  • Typing Haskell with an Attribute Grammar, Advanced Functional Programming Summerschool, Tartu, 14-21 aug, 2004. Springer-Verlag ( SpringerLink, pdf, updated as part of PhD thesis)
    • Version handed out at AFP ( paper pdf ), or technical report ( pdf ), slides ( pdf)


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